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11/6/2013 2:00:00 PM
Lincoln County Property Transfers

The following property transfers were recorded recently at the Lincoln County Courthouse in Wiscasset:

Alna: Ellen H. Gordon to Ellen Gordon, Alexander D. Gordon, Athena N. Taylor and Geoffrey E. Gordon;

Boothbay: Harold M. Snow to Fred W. Snow; Paul F. Reardon to John G. Kelley and Susan L. Kelley; John B. Waldman and Patricia Waldman to John Brooks Waldman and Anna Elizabeth Waldman; Larry G. Dieterle and Debbie R. Dieterle to Suzanne V. Moffat; Scott M. Keyes and Jon Bree B. Keyes to Michael A. Regino; Kenneth M. Brown and Nancy L. Brown to Joel D. Blair;

Boothbay Harbor: Boothbay Region Humane Society to Gary Starankewicz; Peter B. Wagstaff and Verona J. Wagstaff to Hans F. Morris and Alicia C. Morris;

Bremen: Meredith A. White (Pr.) and Alice E. Davis (Est.) to Meredith A. White; Meredith A. White to Mark S. Foy and Susan L. Foy; Stephen D. Hauschka and Peter V. Hauschka to Eleanor H. Kinney (Tr.) and Hart Trust; Eleanor M. Kelly to Thomas Boothby and Mary Boothby;

Bristol: D. Wayne Russell to Marguerite M. Sullivan; Thomas H. MacGregor and Billie MacGregor to Thomas H. MacGregor and Billie MacGregor; Carol L. Bernazzani (Pr.) and Mary E. Tudor (Est.) to John C. Lang Sr.; Peter Goth, Wendy Pieh, Peter C. Goth and Wendy L. Pieh to Eleanor H. Kinney (Tr.) and Kinney Family Trust; William A. Flewellng and William A. Flewelling to William A. Flewelling Revocable Living Trust and William A. Flewelling (Tr.); Ruby Hanley to Carol Ann Prentice (Tr.), Gordon Prentice (Tr.) and Prentice Twinkle Real Estate Trust; Inhab. of Bristol to Kenneth A. Poole;

Damariscotta: Inhab. of Damariscotta to Carole Fowler and Northrup Fowler;

Dresden: Nancy J. Russell to Raelene R. Fitzpatrick and John E. Fitzpatrick;

Jefferson: Lubomir Konecny and Kvetoslava Konecny to Arthur Konecny; U. S. Bank N. A. (Tr.) and Manufactured Housing Contract Senior Subordinate Pass Through Certific to Tina M. Weeks and Jeffery K. Weeks; Amanda L. Burg to James M. Burg; Phillip Shanholtzer and Nancy Shanholtzer to Debbie J. Dawson and Walter A. Morris Sr.; Diane R. Newcombe to Abigail B. Iverson and Ryan G. Graham;

Nobleboro: Sherrie L. Spaziano, Sherrie L. Leverton and Jorma C. Spaziano to Paul L. Bryant and Patricia H. Bryant;

South Bristol: Samuel Kaymen and Louise Kaymen to Louise Kaymen;

Waldoboro: David P. Eon Sr. and Mike Doyle to David P. Eon Sr.; David P. Eon Sr. and Mike Doyle to David P. Eon Sr.

Westport Island: Amy D. Leonard and Channing P. Jones to Amy D. Leonard and Channing P. Jones;

Wiscasset: Cynthia L. Gower to Terrance J. Meehan and Theresa M. Meehan; Gerald A. Bailey and Shelley A. Bailey and Archie Brewer; Elizabeth T. High (Pr.) and Jane Standen Tucker (Est.) to Society For The Preservation Of New England Antiquities and Historic New England.

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