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9/25/2013 2:00:00 PM
Responsible Gun Use Is A Way Of Life

To the Editor:

Beauty is more than skin deep, yet a good holster helps. Maine is one of the only places where a woman gets compliments for having a nice rack and she proudly points to the deer in her truck. She doesn't get offended. She's got a great holster. It's easier to laugh about the small stuff when you're prepared for the big stuff.

Of course she got her deer. She went hunting with the shotgun her grandmother gave her. It was passed down from one generation to the next. Maine women looking out for the next generation is a time honored tradition. Yet if you watch the national news you would think women were simply interested in hair color and handbags. Good grief, give me a break.

For many Maine women a day at the range is better than a week at the mall.

Maine is a safer place partly because so many law abiding female gun owners live here. There are plenty of good Maine women who love their lip gloss and mascara yet have a deep fondness for their favorite firearm. Smart, resilient and lovely Maine women own and use guns responsibly.

In Maine guns are about more than hunting and self-defense. Responsible gun use is a way of life. Maine has one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the country. Yet Maine is also one of the safest states in the country. Pretty nifty, huh?

Unfortunately, some of the national media seems to be out of touch when it comes to women and guns. Perhaps anti-gun girlie men in the national media ought to take an honest look at what the average female gun owner actually looks like: grandmothers, moms, sisters, wives, daughters and aunties. Just take a day at the range and you will see women of different ages, shapes, and sizes.

Perhaps the anti-gun media elites are worried their misguided stereotype simply doesn't fit the majority of legal gun owners. Most Maine gun owners are responsible, honest and law abiding people with good hearts. In real life there are stories every day of law abiding citizens doing good things with their guns.

In Maine, guns are simply part of life. It's not just about self-defense and putting dinner on the table. Real men believe in a woman's right to bear arms. Most Maine men are good, decent people, and they firmly believe women have the right to defend themselves.

When a woman happens to bring a deer home in her truck, I've yet to meet a man who doesn't appreciate a well cooked dinner.

Lisa Hunt

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