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3/12/2014 2:00:00 PM
The Grace of God

To the Editor:

Fourteen years ago I ran for the office of State Representative as a candidate for the Libertarian Party. Back then, very often my letters found their way into The Lincoln County News. Now I feel compelled to write to you again.

Like myself of old, week after week it seems, Carl Scheiman of Walpole, Maine, writes his own letters to the editor. In his letters Mr. Scheiman writes often about "freedom" and the fallibility of Christianity and the Bible.

Well, despite my old life as a Libertarian, it is clear to me now that 14 years ago I never knew the meaning of the word "freedom."

It was not until I humbled myself before God as a sinner that I knew the meaning of the word "freedom." It was not until I knelt beside my bed with tears in my eyes that I knew the meaning of the word "freedom." It was not until I believed that Jesus Christ died for my sins, was buried, and rose on the third day that I knew the meaning of the word "freedom."

In Carl Scheiman's most recent letter, he writes about the "ancient scriptures." Well, once again, until the grace of God touched and transformed my life, the Bible was to me as stale and dry as the piece of toast I forgot to remove from my toaster.

Today however, to me, the Bible is alive and its words seem to jump right off the pages.

Does Carl Scheiman want to know God? Does Carl Scheiman want to understand the Bible? He does not. For if he did, it would be a simple thing for him to do as I and millions of others have done.

It would seem to me, having read many of Mr. Scheiman's letters, that he is the product of the "enlightened" and "progressive" evolution of mankind, the same evolution that has taken us all from slingshots to the atomic bomb.

Yes Carl Scheiman is a complicated and brilliant and righteous man. He is not a lost soul who has strayed from God and gone his own way. Perhaps even, Carl Scheiman is the center of the universe.

Esteemed editor, no doubt this letter will elicit a highly educated and clever response from Mr. Scheiman. No doubt also, Mr. Scheiman's response will be from his head and not from his heart.

Ben Barth

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