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6/12/2013 2:00:00 PM
Back Talk From The Back House
By Nancy Wilson

A pleasant birthday party
It is a restful place. The diversity and arrangements in the Coastal Botanical Gardens, nearby in Boothbay, have a way of soothing the soul.

Last Friday, when we visited, the rhododendrons were still in bloom, as were the lady-slippers, both pink and yellow. One patch of the lady-slippers was there for studying, and the tour operator pointed that out to us as we drove by. She was gracious, stopping long enough for one of us to take a picture or two. She told the history of the Gardens, and what had been added since they were opened in 2007. (The original idea for them was conceived in 1991.)

In the first place, Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is an exceptionally beautiful spot, with its shore front and its spacing of the various gardens throughout it, including the fairy houses built to accommodate the fairies who are the only ones to reside there. I love to have an opportunity to visit it, and an occasion came up last Friday, when my two friends and I scheduled our floating birthday party.

We get together each year to celebrate each others' birthdays; two of us have them in March, one early in June, so this June date was appropriate for us. We met at the Gardens for a leisurely lunch and chat, then they took off walking, while I took the afternoon tour.

We agreed to meet again at the Visitors' Center when the tour was over.

The day itself was overcast, not hot, not cold; so it was very pleasant for us. For some odd reason, there weren't even any bugs, either black flies or mosquitoes, to plague us. There were very few people around, so we didn't have to trip over anyone to get where we were going.

I particularly liked that piece of the whole afternoon, because I don't care for crowds. On weekends, and later in the season, the place is overrun with people, which is undoubtedly good for the Gardens themselves.

The tour covered just about everything the Gardens had to offer, from the Children's Garden, with its delightful whale rocks at one entrance, to the Garden of the Five Senses, around to the shore and the fairy houses, along with the rhododendrons, which were still stunning. In fact, it was all stunning. I certainly enjoyed every minute of it. Here and there, a sculpture of one material or another adorned a space, adding to its overall beauty.

We in this area are very fortunate that some caring people, back in 1991, came up with the idea for the Gardens, and were actually able to bring that idea to reality. It is continually being added to and upgraded; open all year round, it has something for everyone

When I first went into the Visitors' Center, I noticed several wheelchairs in the lobby, obviously there for the use of anyone who might need one. So, although the Gardens are meant to be walked, a handicapped person can also enjoy them, either by wheelchair or a tour, such as the one I took.

Multiple kudos to the originators, the planners, and the builders who made this wonderful space available to all of us. It was needed.

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