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Nobleboro Cemeteries
Ginger was the beloved dog of Winnifred Morang, daughter of Fred Morang and his wife Harriet, the adopted daughter of Francis and Lucy Jones. (Laurie McBurnie photo)
Ginger was the beloved dog of Winnifred Morang, daughter of Fred Morang and his wife Harriet, the adopted daughter of Francis and Lucy Jones. (Laurie McBurnie photo)
Compiled by Laurie McBurnie

GR-119, Jones Cemetery
On the north side of Morang Cove Road is found the cemetery of the Deacon Francis Jones family. This cemetery is located atop a small hill, in a grove of pine trees.

The seven headstones are placed in a single row and are surrounded by a chain and granite post fence. This is the area of the old time Francis Jones home as shown on the 1857 Nobleboro map. Nearby were the homes of several Moody families.

The headstones are in fairly good condition but are showing the effects of time and weather. That of Francis L. is broken and others have cracks started where moisture has interacted with the iron rods holding the headstones to their bases.

Francis, 1809-1860 (51 yrs.), a farmer, married Lucy Moody, 1808-1875 (67 yrs.), in 1833. They had three sons and a daughter as well as an adopted daughter.

Unfortunately some sort of epidemic wiped out most of the family in the 1860s. Deacon Francis died at the end of September in 1860, followed by his son James W., 1836-1861 (24 yrs.), four months later.

Son Lorenzo M., 1834-1864 (30 yrs.) lived a few years longer. 1866 was a harsh year for this family as youngest son Francis L., 1849-1866 (17 yrs.), and his sister Margaret E., 1839-1866 (26 yrs.), both passed away in January.

At the end of the year Lorenzo's wife, Carrie E. (Merrill), 1838-1866 (24 yrs.), was taken. Only Deacon Francis' wife Lucy and their adopted daughter Harriet Cox survived.

During 1866 Lucy Jones married William F. Morang, b. 1803, a widower from Appleton. Morang and his unmarried daughter Julia moved into the Jones homestead. Lucy's headstone spells out her marriages: "Lucy, wife of Dea. Francis Jones & late wife of W.F. Morang, Esq."

Harriet Cox married Fred Morang, William's son, and, after Lucy's death, the farm came into the hands of the Morang family, with the nearby cove eventually being renamed for them.

A small headstone stands in the back corner of the cemetery, behind the stones of Francis and Lucy. This stone was placed here to mark the burial of Ginger, the beloved dog of Winnifred Morang, a daughter of Fred and Harriet. The stone is inscribed: "Ginger - 1927 / Rest lightly on him, earth / for he was thistledown to you. / Somewhere on the Blessed Isle / where little dogs have their will / He plays and has my love / until I come for him." Winnifred lived in the family home until health issues led her to relocate to Massachusetts to be near other family members.

The information in this column was researched by the late George F. Dow, Nobleboro Town Historian, and recorded in his cemetery notebook, which is kept on file at the Nobleboro Historical Society building, and compiled by Laurie McBurnie, a member of the Nobleboro Cemetery Committee.

Members of the Cemetery Committee have updated Dow's original descriptions and directions. Additional information has also been taken from "Old Bristol and Nobleboro, Maine Vital Records" (also one of Dow's sources) as well as Dow's two Nobleboro history books.

As the vast majority of Nobleboro's 85 cemeteries are located on private property, specific directions will not be included in this column out of respect to the landowners. If an individual would like information as to the location of a cemetery, for family or historical purposes, please contact either the Nobleboro Cemetery Committee (L. McBurnie,, 563-5347) or the Nobleboro Historical Society (Mary Sheldon, 563-5376).

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