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12/4/2013 2:00:00 PM
Back Talk From The Back House
By Nancy Wilson

Poor Penelope
Poor Penelope (my computer). Last week, she had to undergo a body part replacement, but fortunately, hers was a lot simpler, and had a much shorter recuperation time than any of mine ever did. She got over it all quickly, and came up smiling again.

Her temporary demise was not at all convenient, as these things never are; she went down Thanksgiving morning, without even a 'thank you' for all the good care I thought I had given her.

Of course, I couldn't call the tech until Friday morning; he was so busy then, he said he'd call me back even though I did tell him on the voicemail that I would be gone all day, unable to return his call.

I was pleased, however, that he told me he worked over the weekend. (I had visions of having to wait until Monday to find out what might be wrong. I was wrong, he was there on Saturday.)

We had a lengthy chat, and he informed me that my modem was deceased. Oh, goody! I thought to myself, 'what now?' But if someone could come over to Tidewater today to pick up a new one, he'd be there until 5 o'clock.

I called my daughter-in-law; she would drive over right away to pick it up for me, so I could get back online quickly, I thought. Ho-ho-ho.

When she delivered the modem, I read the instructions carefully, and thought this looked easy enough ... I could hook up color-code to color-code, so I did. It didn't work.

I checked through the CD that had come with it ... nothing. I tried once more before giving up, and decided to leave it to the resident tech here: my son. He works on Saturday, so now I had to wait until Sunday before it could be fixed.

Penelope has a mare's mane nest of wires behind her, hitching all her body parts to all her other body parts. I asked him whether he wanted me to unhook everything, and straighten out the tangle. 'Don't touch a thing!' he replied; and knowing what had not happened the day before when I had tried to fix it, I told him I could do that.

He cleaned out some of the tangle and gave me a bag full of wires to save somewhere, just in case. Otherwise, Penelope's replacement modem is now securely attached, and she is functioning the way she should again. I can get on the Internet, which means, among other things, that I can send this column in to the LCN when it is finished.

I was quite happy to learn that there is assistance over the weekends from the Tidewater technicians; I really did think I would have to wait until Monday morning before I could either chat with friends online or get my homework (this column) done and send in. Thank you, thank you, Tidewater techs, for covering the territory in my time of dire need.

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